The sole authorized source for Solution Based Casework training and implementation.


Overview Training:

After the forming of an agency Implementation Team, Approved SBC trainers can either provide direct staff and supervisor training on location, or if the jurisdiction is large, then lead agency staff can be trained in a Training of Trainers (TOT) format. Staff and Supervisors receive a two and a half day model overview, and then Supervisors and Managers receive an additional two days of training to assist them in their guidance role. Delivery is tailored to the jurisdictions size and geography. The initial training is followed by a learning transfer phase that includes structured Case Consultations led by Supervisors and skill development is tracked on an Implementation Website, eventually leading to Certification of Caseworkers, Supervisors, Coaches, and Managers.

Specific Follow-Up Training:

Additional specific follow up training is provided for the agency’s Treatment Provider network, as well as other critical stakeholders. In larger organizations, additional follow-up training days are scheduled, on an as-needed basis, for the development of internal mastery and infrastructure consultation.  The goal is to achieve self-sufficiency and system-wide competence in the practice model. SBC also has a web-based e-learning program to help new caseworkers get quickly up to speed with the practice model, or prep for internal training.

Ongoing Consultation:

Whether or not specific follow-up training is scheduled, ongoing consultation to the Implementation Team, Supervisors and Coaches is very important. These consultations are typically accomplished through site visits, video conferencing and/or teleconferencing. These consultations may be more frequent (every other week) at first, then monthly, then quarterly. Our goal is full implementation in every site with full fidelity to the researched model. Additional support is available from the expanding community of agencies and jurisdictions, both state and private, that have been generous in sharing their tools, materials, policies, and support to help new adopters overcome barriers to full implementation as quickly as possible.

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