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Child Welfare Practice Model

SBC is an evidenced-informed casework practice model that prioritizes working in partnership with families, focuses on pragmatic solutions to difficult situations, and notices and celebrates change.

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Solution Based Casework (SBC) provides a common conceptual map for child welfare caseworkers, supervisors, leadership, and treatment providers to help focus everyone’s efforts on clear and agreed upon outcomes.

SBC combines what we know from research on family development, clinical behavioral change, and child welfare outcomes to help staff stay focused on three key elements, or tenets 1) to create a partnership based on problem consensus in language the family understands, 2) to focus that partnership on the patterns of everyday family life that directly relate to threats to safety, and 3) to target solutions specific to the prevention skills needed to create safety and reduce risk in those family situations.

SBC has been the subject of 12 published research studies over 12 years, and has been successfully applied to investigation, assessment, prevention, foster care, adoption, residential, juvenile services,  and juvenile justice cases in mutiple states and jurisdictions.